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Quote1.png What has become of my city? What has become of its heroes? And its villians...? How do I turn back the darkness... without losing myself to it...? If I go against everything I stand for... will it be enough...? Or am I already too late...? Quote2.png


It is presumed that this reality, at least the "Good" ending, shares its history with Earth-616; or is possibly part of it; while the "Dark" ending would be an entirely alternate reality.

During a fight with Spider-Man, Venom accidentally discovers the ability to replicate himself. Venom uses this ability to invade Manhattan with an army of Symbiotes which take control of the citizens of Manhattan, as well as some its heroes and villains.[1]




  • This reality takes place before what would be the Superhero Civil War, as evidenced by the fact that there are Daily Bugle billboards advertising issues that talk about the Superhuman Registration Act.

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