Reality of the Punisher: War Zone film. Set in the late 2000's, Frank Castle had been assuming the mantle of the Punisher over the course of five years shortly after losing his family to a mob-sanctioned hit. The New York Police Department secretly supported Castle's efforts for his efficiency in dealing with the criminal underworld, while Micro provided Castle with his military armaments. By 2008, Castle assaulted the Cesare family's residential stronghold in order to murder the patriarch Gaitano Cesare. Castle's spree led him to Billy Russoti at a local recycling facility. Castle maimed Russotti in a glass-crushing machine and left him for dead not long after accidentally killing undercover FBI agent Nicky Donnatelli. Castle's accidental kill drew the ire of FBI agent Paul Budiansky.

Distraught by the accident, Castle contemplated retirement from the vigilante business, only to be spurred into action once he learned Russoti had survived his grievous wounds and planned to pursue the Donnatelli family members. With the aid of henchmen Pittsy and Ink, Russoti, now assuming the identity Jigsaw, released his brother, Loony Bin Jim from a local asylum while recruiting the remnants of African American, Triad, and Irish gangs while successfully capturing the Donnatelli family and Micro. In order to facilitate assault Jigsaw's hideout in the Bradstreet Hotel, Budiansky recruited Tiberiu Bulat's gang with the promise of payback in retaliation for Jigsaw turning over Cristu Bulat to the FBI for a chemicals weapon deal Jigsaw reneged on. Using the firefight between Bulat and Jigsaw's gang as a distraction, Castle infiltrated the stronghold while killing the surviving members of Jigsaw's army. Shortly after engaging Loony Bin Jim in hand-to-hand combat, Castle caught up to Jigsaw, the Donnatellis, and Micro. Jigsaw forced Castle to pick an execution between Micro and the Donnatellis, while Castle opted to shoot Loony Bin Jim instead. Enraged, Jigsaw executed Micro, while Castle successfully shielded the Donnatelli family from Jigsaw's line of fire before killing him in hand-to-hand combat.

During the aftermath, Budiansky was reunited with the Donnatellis, while Castle resumed his vigilante duties after saving Martin Soap from a mugging.[1]

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