This world is a reality where mutants weren't affected by the multiversal effect of the M-Day. Its existence had maybe became possible since the birth of Mutant Messiah.[1]

In Beast's conception, this world was rendered uninhabitable by the continued use of Ghost Boxes. They then look after a new world where to live, finding an after M-Day world, with less than 200 mutants, easy to defeat and conquer.[1]

A first Annex Squad was send on Earth-616 but killed by Forge.[1]

Agent X-13 and his Annex Squad were then send to investigate on the first team's fate.[1]

When Forge opened his Ghost Box acquired from the first Annex Squad, intending to invade with the X-Men and his own artificial "New Mutants".[1]

Beast then indicate to Abigail Brand the Ghost Box as a target to a S.W.O.R.D. laser. The shot had probably destroyed everything that was in the other side of the Box.[1]

When Armor asked to Beast what if it was not the invaders-world that was been hit but a "correspondance-travel planet". McCoy shows a few regrets, but argue he had to believe that the schizoid Forge was right about the invaders, comforted in his views by Cyclops.[1]

The actual status of this reality stays then unknown.

When new Warpies' birth occurred in Mbangawi, mutated children, the X-Men were called there to investigate, originally thinking and hoping about the resurgence of the mutants birth. When Beast detected the same radiations as the ones produced by the Ghost Boxes, Wolverine thought the invading forces of that reality were back. It was soon revealed that the radiation were emitted by an alternate version of James Jaspers, who was later followed by mass-produced Furies who actually used Ghost Boxes, all from an other alternate world.

Former residents

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