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This reality takes place on a ride in Universal Studios. The rider takes the position of a Daily Bugle "cub reporter" during an active night of crime-fighting. He or she is given 3-D "night vision goggles" during the ride's queue. Spider-Man drops onto the rider's vehicle and warns that Doc Ock is on the loose. Doc Ock gathers Spider-Man's main villains, called the Sinister Syndicate at the ruins of the Statue of Liberty. Electro electrifies the rider's vehicle and then Spider-Man battles Hydro-Man, Doc Ock, and the Hobgoblin. Doc Ock uses his anti-gravity ray on the rider's vehicle to make it float above the city of New York. At the ride's climax, the vehicle plunges down to the streets only to be saved by Spider-Man's web and then he wraps the villains up in a giant webbing cocoon.


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