This reality was one of the many worlds visited by the Young Avengers during their trip through the Multiverse in order to find and bring back Speed.

On this reality, Wiccan and his teammates met the Demiurge's minions, who were probably thinking they were in presence of the Demiurge with Wiccan (as they are alternate counterparts), also visible in the sky, made of stars.

Miss America witnessed that fact, and after telling to Loki, this one tried to make the group retreat in another reality before Wiccan could see it, but unsuccessful. Loki stated that it would have probably be better if Wiccan hadn't witnessed it, and invited him to keep his questions for later.[1]

Demiurge's Minions (Earth-TRN291) from Young Avengers Vol 2 8 0001

Demiurge's minions

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