The You Universe! (sic.), the world inside the readers' window, is one of breathtaking reality where mindless merchandise abound and socially redeeming values are scarce. In it, a blond, overweight adult male (a member of the Bill Bixby Fan Club) kept his stashes of comic-book issues in the basement, along with robot and starship merchandise, a framed signed photograph of Stan Lee, a map of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth, a Nightcrawler plush toy, a fake copy of Thor's hammer and several videotapes of geeky content. He was watching an anime in a home video system in the basement at some point, dressing a Spider-Man T-shirt and drinking a soda

  • The You Universe only appeared in the parody Marvel mag What The--?! #4, in the form of a one-page captioned image. It was apparently a fake advertising that relates to the New Universe comic books (1986-1989), which were hot at that point.

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