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The Battlerealm is a fractured realm composed of shards of multiple dimensions, created when a Celestial accidentally crashed into another universe while fleeing the death of his own. It is the site of the "Contest of Champions," a tournament in which various Summoners must use a squad of heroes and villains from throughout the Multiverse to fight among themselves for the ISO-Sphere, a powerful artifact capable of rewriting reality and granting its wielder any wish.[1]

In another section of the Battlerealm resided the Battleworld (or Maelstrom), a planet divided by its many domains.[2]


For individual beings, see Earth-TRN517 Characters and Characters Displaced to Earth-TRN517; for groups, see Earth-TRN517 Teams and Earth-TRN517 Organizations.


  • With the exception of Ægon, Goldpool, Venom the Duck, and Venompool, none of the Champions are native to the Battlerealm, having been plucked out of multiple other universes to fight in the Contest.
  • Many fragmented timelines exist within the Battlerealm.[1]
    • These fragmented timelines were identified as different space-time territories by the time-traveler Bishop.[1]
  • There's no going before or after the Contest due to the chronological brick walls built around it.[1]
  • Ronin claimed the Battlerealm "is the nexus of a bunch of different realities."[1]
  • According to Captain Marvel, she and the other beings trapped there originally believed the Battlerealm to be "just another pocket dimension," but they realized that wasn't the case the longer they stayed.[1]
  • America Chavez theorized the Battlerealm is the endpoint of the Multiverse, with its purpose being to suck the falling debris of dying universes. Once it has finished collecting up all the remains of the Multiverse, it's believed it'll become the start point of a new one.[1]
    • She also theorized the Battlerealm automatically spawns countless dimensional counterparts of anyone or anything that comes into it. This point was seemingly proved right when an alternate, evil version of her, a newcomer to the Battlerealm, spawned to fight the Summoner.[1]

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