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The subject of this article pertains to a reality with no official designation, so it has been assigned a Temporary Reality Number.
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Inciting Incident

This reality came into existence when the Puppet Master of Earth-616 took control of the hero known as Power Man, during a period he was a temporary member of the Fantastic Four. While in the Puppet Master's thrall, Power Man went on a rampage through the FF's Baxter Building headquarters. During said rampage, he knocked a cylinder of Vibranium onto Mister Fantastic's Time Platform, sending it back in time. [1] The cylinder was sent back in time where it was split in half in the time stream. One half ended up in the past of Earth-616, [2] the other ended up creating this divergent reality where World War II took a very different course... [3]

Setting History Right

This reality would have overwritten the modern era of Earth-616, had it not been for the Time Platform being activated again, transporting Nazi soldiers from Earth-TRN557 circa 1946 to the modern era of Earth-616. This brought the issue to the attention of the Fantastic Four who realized what was happening. They traveled back in time to 1942 and recovered the Vibranium with the aid of the Invaders creating. After explaining themselves to the Invaders, the two groups agreed to work together and recover the Vibranium cylinder from Castle Cherbelle in Nazi occupied France. There they clashed with Baron Zemo. After Zemo's defeat, the Fantastic Four's Thing was able to hop onto one of the launched V-2 Rockets and redirect it toward the castle, while both the Invaders and Fantastic four ran for cover. When the castle blew up, a fail safe in the time machine transported the Fantastic Four back to their home reality. [3] The half of the cylinder that ended up in the past of Earth-616 was later recovered by the Thing and the Liberty Legion. This prevented Earth-TRN558 from replacing Earth-616.[2]


Invaders, (Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Toro, Sub-Mariner), Nazis (Baron Zemo)

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