Quote1 The worst dream of all is the one that doesn't end in Central Park. The kids got sick. We didn't go that day. Now we live in Ditmas Park, and our children and their children come to visit. Our home fills up with voices. Kids laugh, or sulk, or query the injustice of finishing their greens. Parents struggle for control, or just to hear their voices heard above the tumult. I'm old and fat and slow. It's perfect. Quote2
-- Punisher (Frank Castle) src

Frank and Maria Castle's children were sick on the day the Castles would have gone to Central Park for a picnic, so the family was not caught in the crossfire of the attempt on Don Francesco Drago's life. Additionally, shrapnel-related injuries prevented Frank from completing his military tours of Vietnam.

Frank Castle, Jr. grew up to marry a woman named Jessie, with whom he had a son named John. Lisa Castle also had a son with her husband, Tony. Frank, Sr. and Maria grew old together, and retired to Ditmas Park in Brooklyn.

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