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Dr. Doom created a huge android, Doomsman III, with the help of a naive scientist who was then secretly recruited by the Darkholders. The Darkholders next stole a mystical gem known as the Dragon's Eye before the Black Fox had a chance; they then used it to power the Doomsman and take control of it to wreck Doomstadt. Although Doom could have destroyed the Doomsman at any moment, he instead took the chance to test both the robot, his enemies, and a number of superheroes' skills, manipulating all of them in the shadows.

Soon afterward, the first Doomsman returned with new technology in an attempt to get revenge on Doom. Calling himself Andro, Lord of Androids, the Doomsman took control of several robotic superheroes, including the original Human Torch and Vision. Doom then recruited a number of superheroes to help him against this enemy.[1]




Divergence points from Earth-616 include:

  • In Earth-616, per Amazing Spider-Man #349, the Black Fox steals the Dragon's Eye. In Earth-TRN564, the Darkholders beat him to it, as they intended to use the Eye in their Doomsman scheme.
  • In Earth-616, per Namor the Sub-Mariner #12, the Human Torch lost his powers in a fight against Master Man and Warrior Woman. In Earth-TRN564, the fight takes place but the Torch retains his powers after it.
  • In Earth-616, Doctor Doom lost his Prometheum Armor. In Earth-TRN564, at a point just after the events in Fantastic Four #352, Doom is seen with the Armor, meaning he either kept it, recovered it or replicated it.
  • In Earth-616, Doom never built the Doomsman III, the Darkholders are never an active cult in the Balkan states, or Andro builds the Andromites and tries to get his revenge.

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