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The subject of this article pertains to a reality with no official designation, so it has been assigned a Temporary Reality Number.
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Shattered Dimensions

One night, Mysterio broke into Empire State University and attempted to steal the Tablet of Order and Chaos. Spider-Man caught him in the act and during their scuffle, he accidentally broke the tablet. Madame Web appeared and explained that the tablet pieces had shattered across Earth-TRN580, Earth-TRN581, and the present and future of Earth-TRN579 and recruited the Spider-Men of said realities to reassemble the tablet.[1]

Edge of Time

In 2099, Alchemax scientist, Walker Sloan, went back in time and created a new timeline. Spider-Man of 2099, one of the Spider-Men, and the new Spider-Man teamed-up and restored the timeline.[2]


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