Earth-TRN588 is a divergent reality similar to Earth-928, a reality where a second Age of Heroes began in the future of 2099 A.D. The divergence was caused when time was broken during the Ultron War,[6] however the specific causal link cannot be determined at this time.

Similarities to Earth-928

Examining the information available, it appears that this reality is at an earlier point in its history than Earth-928. However, on the outset it appears that certain key events that were integral to the history of Earth-928 did not occur in this reality. That said, here are the events that can be confirmed as being similar to Earth-928.

Most of the information available has been mentioned in passing by Miguel O'Hara the Spider-Man of this reality:

Presumably the origins of Spider-Man 2099 and Punisher 2099 are the same and they are currently active in this reality. Miguel has met other super-humans such as the 2099 versions of the Goblin, Venom, Payback and the Vulture. He also is aware that Tyler Stone is his biological father, although at this time Tyler Stone is unaware that Miguel O'Hara knows this truth.[5]

Differences to Earth-928

There appears to be at least two major events that had occurred on Earth-928 that did not happen on Earth-TRN588 that have changed the status quo in this reality. It should be noted that circumstantial evidence suggests these events did not occur, as the fact have not been presented.

Time Disruptions

In recent history, beings from this reality had been plucked from time and have ventured outside of their native reality.

The primary case is that of Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of this era. When events on Earth-616 threatened to erase Tyler Stone from history - and Miguel by proxy - Spider-Man was sent back to that era to prevent the damaging events. When Spider-Man succeeded in his mission, Tyler Stone stranded him on Earth-616. Miguel has made it his mission to alter events in the past so that he can ensure his future is a better one than he has left it.[7]

The Doctor Doom of this reality was also plucked out of time by Kang the Conqueror to be a member of his Chronos Corps.[8]


During the Spider-Verse crisis, this reality was visited by Otto Octavius of Earth-616, who was in possession of the body belonging to the Spider-Man of his own era at the time.[9] Miguel also returned to his home era to try and learn what he could about Morlun.[10]

The Punisher 2099 of this reality was also taken to participate in the Collector's Contest of Champions.[11]


This reality has since been overwritten by two subsequent alternate versions of 2099. The first, Dystopia, is a reality ruled by the Maestro;[12] while the other, The Fist's 2099, is one where a Super Human Registration Act exists.[13] As a result of Miguel's further attempts to restore it, this dimension is indicated to have either been overwritten by or merged into Earth-23291.[14]

  • By 2099, the word "damn" had been replaced with "jam." As such, "dammit" had become "jammit."[5]
  • In 2099, water brands have ceased to exist.[15]
  • Cancer was cured during the 2040s. There hasn't been a recorded case of cancer in decades and the cure can be synthesized in two minutes.[16]

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