Quote1 I believe... a future. Or an alien planet. But I think I was being contacted by a future. A world far more potent that our own. Using technologies far from what the corporations will allow for this generation. Quote2
-- Iron Man src

This is a reality where Anthony Stark became the Sorcerer Supreme of the entire Galaxy by the year 2099. Wagner acted as his manservant in the Sanctum Sanctorum.[1]

The 2099 timeline that Eva Bell lived in for 7 years,[2] was overwritten by this timeline.[1]

Changed Timeline

Sanctum Sanctorum from All-New X-Men Annual Vol 1 1 001

Sanctum Sanctorum

When Eva tried to travel back to the year 2099 of her husband and daughter, she arrived in Earth-TRN591. Unknown to the change of timeline, she ran off to her home to see her family. After being disappointed, she went to the Sanctum Sanctorum where she bumped into Wagner and hugged him. He didn't recognize her. She froze him in time when he tried to stop her from entering. Eva was surprised as "The Doctor" wasn't Illyana Rasputina anymore, but in fact Anthony Stark. He revealed to her that her family's timeline was erased from existence and that she could never go back. He took her to Tabula Rasa, where he convinced her to return to her real time.[1]

Unnamed Woman (Earth-TRN591)

Unnamed Woman (Earth-TRN591) from All-New X-Men Annual Vol 1 1

She was a woman whose home Eva Bell thought was hers.[1]

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