What If the Guardians of the Galaxy Tried to Free Thanos?
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Rocket Raccoon arrived at a bar on a space station. Where he proceeded to tell its patrons what happened months ago on planet Earth, specifically in the city of Necropolis in Wakanda. Iron Man arrived to check on the status of Thanos and Proxima Midnight, both imprisoned in a stasis cube since the end of the Builder War. The Illuminati had been summoned to Necropolis by Iron Man, who then turned on the rest of the Illuminati, as it was actually Rocket Raccoon inside the armor. Earlier the Guardians of the Galaxy had discovered Thanos was on Earth, due to Rocket Raccoon having hacked into Tony Stark's systems. They visited Tony Stark, who was brutally taken down by Gamorra and acquired his armor, which Rocket Raccoon got inside.

After Rocket Raccoon revealed himself to the wounded but still living Illuminati, the rest of his teammates appeared and fought the Illuminati while Rocket Raccoon tried to get Thanos out of that stasis cube. Once he was successful, alien reinforcements arrived to help them kill Thanos once and for all (including Gladiator, Firelord, Ronan, Annihilus, the Brood Queen, and Beta Ray). They won and were at that moment celebrating at the same bar (including the Super Skrull and the Supreme Intelligence).

In the aftermath of Thanos' death, Captain America and Captain Marvel were at Necropolis where Reed Richards was explaining to them what happened. When a holographic broadcast appeared above them, it was Star-Lord. Who explains the situation to Captain America. How while he protected the Earth, which entailed a couple of million square miles, Star-Lord protected the cosmos. What really annoyed Star-Lord, was that they proved his father right. Earth did pose a threat to the cosmos, and worse they were forcing him to act like his father. He told them that the human race was grounded, and if anyone ever left Earth again they would be shot down. It was neither a warning nor an ultimatum, it was a solemn promise (a pinky swear). Which the patrons of the bar were also celebrating.[1]

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