After becoming "unstuck" in time, Eva Bell arrived to the year 2099 of this reality. Upon arrival, she was greeted by the X-Men of that time, who found her through a powerful energy spike in the Cerebro. Quickly realizing who Eva was, they took her to the Sorcerer Supreme of their time period, Illyana Rasputina. Knowing of Eva's predicament, Magik strongly advised her not to time bubble again until she was properly trained.[1]

Eva stayed in this timeline and married Danny Warburton, with whom she had a daughter. Seven years later, Eva was meditating with Illyana when a monster attacked the Sanctum Sanctorum. Magik attempted to hold off the monster, but was fatally wounded. Before the monster could attack again, Eva trapped it with her powers; however, before she could do anything to help, Illyana demanded Eva go back in time to ensure Beast stand trial for what he had done and never come back to this time period. Eva initially refused to leave, until the monster broke free from her time bubble; as on several earlier occasions, stress and fear triggered Eva's powers and she disappeared into the past in front of her husband and daughter.[1]

Eva later returned to return to the year 2099, but found it to be a a different reality, in which Tony Stark was the Sorcerer Supreme and her husband and daughter had never existed. Stark revealed to Eva that her family's timeline was erased from existence and that she could never go back. He then took her to Tabula Rasa, where he convinced her to return to her native time.[2]

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