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Taking advantage of the original five X-Men's absence in the past, the Future Brotherhood went back in time to impersonate them, intending to reshape the future as they saw fit.[2] After trapping Professor X within his own mansion, the Future Brotherhood killed Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before setting out to enslave all mutants.[3][4] Xavier managed to reach out to some mutants and encouraged them to fight, but their X-Resistance was no match for the Future Brotherhood.[5]

At some point, the Future Brotherhood also time-traveled to the year 2099 of this timeline and took over the megacorporation Alchemax. Before vanishing, they established policies for Alchemax to work on: to hunt and persecute anyone who got in their way. Those unlucky enough to do so were infected by a new strain of the Legacy Virus and forced to live in poverty. The X-Men of 2099 fought against Alchemax and their private police force, the Public Eye, in order to provide medicine for these people.[1]

Future Averted

When the Future Brotherhood struck, Xavier left a telepathic message that jumped from person to person until it reached Magneto in the present day.[3][2] Before ceasing to exist due to the ripple effects caused by the Future Brotherhood's actions in the past, Magneto telepathically instructed the time-displaced original X-Men to use the time machine he had built to fix the timestream.[3] Hopping from a point in history to the other, the original X-Men eventually made their way back to their past, making many allies along the way.[6] They saved past Magneto from death and confronted the Future Brotherhood,[7] overwhelming them with the help of their newfound allies.

Most of the damage the Future Brotherhood caused to the timeline was undone when they escaped back to the timestream,[2] with the rest being undone after the original X-Men returned to their proper place in time, thus diverging the events of this timeline from Earth-616.[8]


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