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Quote1.png Your every adventure.... your every victory... the world you know... is all designed by me! Quote2.png
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After being brainwashed by Red Skull, Doctor Doom, Abomination, and Magneto, Deadpool became a sleeper agent for the villains of the world, ultimately killing most of Earth's heroes as well as many cosmic heroes.

After the noble sacrifice of Gwenpool, Deadpool took his revenge on the villains of the world. Upon learning of Deadpool's massacre of revenge, Doctor Doom fled to another dimension and Magneto was left alive knowing he was responsible for the deaths of the children in his care. Though Red Skull was decapitated, his still-conscious head implied that this was all an illusion Deadpool had suffered, and Deadpool swore to search the entire world until he'd made sure Skull was dead.[1]



  • Issue three establishes that while Deadpool killed the Time-Displaced X-Men, the other X-Men were all slaughtered by a member of the Wolverine family also being controlled by the villains, speculated by Wade to be the unseen Logan, hinting at the Old Man Logan storyline. Issue four also strengthened this idea, as Abomination, Magneto, and Doom survived while Red Skull's death could be an illusion; all four controlled parts of the United States prior to the start of the Old Man Logan storyline.
    • However, due to the presence of heroes in roles that didn't exist in Logan's world during the time of the villain uprising, such as Amadeus Cho as Hulk, and Jane Foster as Thor, as well as Mjolnir being destroyed, it cannot be the same world.

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