Earth was attacked by Ultimus and his various forces. In response to this threat, the organization STRIKE sent agents to recruit both heroes and villains to deal with Ultimus. [1]

Multiple times, STRIKE has been sent to handle unrelated issues, such as when Deadpool went on a rampage for the destruction of his favorite Mexican restaurant, and when Thanos attempted to kill Ultimus.

Earlier on, Iron Man and a team of SHIELD agents traced a group of mercenaries that had stole some of Stark's old tech, and discovered a group of Kree Fanatics known as the Lunatic Legion, along with stopping their Terrigen bomb from exploding. Later, the STRIKE Guardians of the Galaxy and the STRIKE Ravagers, led by Star-Lord, attempt to disrupt Odium supply lines, and are battled by many corrupted forces of Ultimus. Most recently, Ultimus had captured Nick Fury, and Ronan the Accuser had sent a group of Kree to rescue him from Ultimus' prison.