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This is one of the branching universes created when the Avengers traveled back in time to the year 2012 using Pym Particles in order to obtain the Space, Mind and Time Stones which had been destroyed by Thanos in the future.[1]

Unfortunately, although Captain America and Bruce Banner succeeded in retrieving the Scepter and the Time Stone, Iron Man and Ant-Man failed to retrieve the Tesseract and Loki used it to escape unlike the original timeline, therefore creating a new chain of events. Captain America later returned to this reality to deliver back the Mind and Time Stones.[1]

Meanwhile, Loki ended up at the Gobi Desert, where the Time Variance Authority arrested him and used a reset charge to restore the area that was creating a branching timeline back to normal.[2][3] He was later taken to their headquarters to face charges for escaping his primary self's set path.[2]


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