This is one of the branching universes created when the Avengers traveled back in time to the year 2014 using Pym Particles in order to obtain the Power and Soul Stones which had been destroyed in the future. Though they tried to obtain the stones quietly, the Thanos of this universe found out about their presence, and what his counterpart had done in their world. Abducting the Nebula of their world and stealing their Pym Particle technology, Thanos and his forces traveled to Earth-199999 with the intent of destroying it and replacing it with a universe fit to his desires.[1]

As a result of Thanos and his forces going missing, the events of Infinity War never come to pass. Thus Vision is still alive in this universe, and the Guardians of the Galaxy were never formed.

  • This universe may be one of a few branching from the mainstream Earth-199999 due to the Avengers' exploits with time travel.

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