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This is one of the branching universes created when the Avengers traveled back in time to the year 2014 using Pym Particles in order to obtain the Power and Soul Stones which had been destroyed in the future. Trying to obtain the stones quietly, War Machine and Nebula beat up Star-Lord in reaching the Orb and retrieve the Power Stone on Morag whereas Hawkeye and Black Widow went to Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone, leading the latter to commit suicide after Red Skull informed them about the need for one of them to sacrifice for it.[1]

However, the Thanos of this universe found out about their presence due to Nebula sharing the same cerebral network as her counterpart by that time, and what his counterpart had done in their world. Abducting the Nebula of their world and stealing their Pym Particle technology, Thanos and his forces traveled to Earth-199999 with the intent of destroying it and replacing it with a universe fit to his desires. However, Thanos fails in achieve his goal and once he and his forces are destroyed, Captain America travels to this universe and delivers back the Power and Soul Stones.[1]



  • An idea left unused for the opening of the final battle in Avengers: Endgame was that the Thanos from 2014 would have gone to Earth and killed the Avengers of his era, bringing the decapitated head of that timeline's Captain America to taunt the future Avengers.[2]

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