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A reality whose history seems to follow closely that of Earth-1218 (ex. the Vietnam conflict of the 1960s) and with a similar lack of any apparent evidence of super-powered beings existing. The existence of an extensive underground pornography syndicate was uncovered by pin-up model J.J. Sachs and her associate and sometimes lover "Violens" Schwartz, a wartime news photographer, after the murder of one of Sachs' friends. Turning to vigilantism, the two entered into a secret war, fighting against the murderous crime ring and either rescuing or avenging its victims.[1]



  • Earth-TRN740 could be viewed as the same world shown in the comic series Fallen Angel, as it is written by Sachs & Violens co-creator Peter David, who later added them to Fallen Angel's cast of characters. If so, one of the cities unique to Earth-TRN470 is Bete Noir, a modern version of the Biblical city of Enoch, which is overrun with criminals and corruption only at night, and whose post of Chief Enforcer for the city's ruling Magistrate has been taken over by J.J. Sachs.

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