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Deadpool was asked by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man to obtain a time-travel helmet under the guise of allowing Zarrko to return to his era.[1] In actuality Zarrko knew Deadpool would misuse the helmet and create multiple timelines, which would distract the Time Variance Authority long enough for Zarrko to replace them with versions of himself.[2] Deadpool broke into a Roxxon facility and obtained the helmet, activating it sending him into the timestream. He ended up in 1961[3], 1974[4] and 1983[5], going on adventures to try and recharge the device to make the next jump. After this, Deadpool discovered Zarrko's true plan and used branching timelines of regular time to create duplicates of himself within the Null-Time Zone and enlisted help from Justice Peace to fight against the Tomorrow Man. Deadpool then imprisoned himself, all the duplicates, and all the timelines created within the comic series You Are Deadpool.[6]


  • You Are Deadpool #5 establishes that multiple timelines do occur within this series, because multiple descisions and multiple order of events can occurs for those descisions. As such, because there is no "correct" way to travel through issues #2-#4 and many choices give the same result, the wiki will fold many of these timeline's all into one with the different possible choices listed in the histories.
  • This reality does not fully function on the Sliding Timescale, as Deadpool notes they are ignoring Marvel Time[3] and instead focus on publication years.

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