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After five lifetimes spent trying to save mutantkind from doom at the hands of the Sentinels, all of which ended in failure, Moira X decided to awaken and join Apocalypse when she was 18 years old, telling him of her previous lives and mutantkind's fate. Apocalypse embraced Moira and used Celestial technology to enhance her. Apocalypse then went on to kill both Charles Xavier in Moira's 19th year and Magneto in Moira's 21st.

By Moira's 24th year, she and Apocalypse rescued the First Horsemen from Amenth and returned to Earth. Four years later, they formed the X-Men together. When Moira was 35, Apocalypse enslaved Mister Sinister and conscripted him in the coming war.

During Moira's 42nd year, the Apocalypse War began, as Moira and Apocalypse began waging an endless war against humanity. During Moira's 45th year, the Avengers World was defeated. Nevertheless, the Man-Machine Supremacy arose to wage war against mutantkind. Four years later Asia was overrun by the mutants and the capital cities of Akkaba, Kyr, and Tian were established.

In the following "lost years," the population levels of mutants reached a crisis point. During these years most of the mutant leadership died or disappeared due to what some believed to be treachery. This, combined with constant evasion-relocation-confrontation efforts, caused the mutant leadership to approve the creation of the Sinister Breeding Pits on Mars. This program saw the creation of genetically engineered mutants. While initially bearing the X-gene and powers of a single mutant and considered little more than fodder, the program eventually succeeded in creating mutants with an amalgamation of up to 5 X-genes, the third generation of "Chimeras", which was believed by many to be a turning point in the war against mankind.

During Moira's 88th year, the Black Brain Hounds were created, mutants programmed for treachery and designed to elicit sympathy among their kind, so that they could nestle their way into mutant groups and betray them. The program was eventually considered a failure, as the Hounds' predisposition towards treachery caused them to betray their Man-Machine masters. By Moira's 113th year the SalCen Khennil, the birthplace of the Black Brains, was destroyed along with all biological and research material.

During Moira's 94th year the fourth generation of Sinister's Chimeras were bred. These chimeras were based on Omega-level mutants and connected by a hive mind. Four years later, they suffered a systemic failure, as their hive mind was revealed to have been designed with a corruption by Mr. Sinister, resulting in them destroying 40% of the remaining mutant population and causing the fall of the mutant nation of Krakoa and the death of the First Horsemen. Two years later, they committed mass suicide, collapsing Mars, the Sinister pits and themselves into a self-singularity. Sinister betrayed mutantkind and defected to the Man-Machine Supremacy, who promptly executed him. With the mutant colony on Mars destroyed Asteroid K was established by the remaining mutants.

A year after the establishment of Asteroid K the mutant exodus to Shi'ar space began. Two mutant colonies in Shi'ar space were founded; the first was Benevolence, a converted transit station on the fringe of Shi'ar space. Benevolence served as a buffer between the Empire and Brood territory. 22 years after its establishment, it was home to just under 8000 mutants. The second colony was established on the Shi'ar throne world of Chandilar. 22 years after its establishment, 2000 mutants called the throne world home, and by treaty, were warrior stock for the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. At least six mutants would serve as superguardians with fifty-seven serving as subguardians.

By Moira's 104th year she and Apocalypse devised a plan to eliminate Nimrod, the ruler of the Man-Machine Supremacy. Three years later Apocalypse was the target of an assassination attempt by a black brain Hound. Moira was injured and placed in stasis.

By Moira's 123rd year, Apocalypse and the mutants under his command executed a plan to find the origins of Nimrod, so that Moira in her next life would have the knowledge to prevent his emergence. They broke into an archive in the machine city and retrieved the knowledge they sought. They were intercepted however, and Apocalypse and most of his mutants were slain. War succeeded in bringing Moira a knowledge crystal containing all the information she needed, which she promptly absorbed. She then asked him to kill her and send her onwards to her next life, armed with the knowledge of Nimrod's origins.


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