Moira X, having experienced the failure of her alliance with Magneto, decided to awake and join Apocalypse when she was 18 years old. Apocalypse then went on to kill both Charles Xavier in Moira's 19th year and Magneto in Moira's 21st.

By Moira's 24th year, Apocalypse and her rescue the First Horsemen and return to Earth. Four years later, together they form the X-Men. When Moira is 35, Apocalypse enslaves Mister Sinister.

During Moira's 42nd year, the Apocalypse War begins.

During Moira's 45th year, the Avengers are defeated. Nevertheless, the Man-Machine Supremacy arises to wage war against mutantkind.

Year 49: Asia is overran by mutants, the capital cities of Akkaba, Kyr and Tian and established.

In the following "lost years", the population levels of mutants reach a crisis point, combined with the constant evasion-relocation-confrontation efforts, the mutant leadership approves the creation of the Sinister breeding pits on Mars. During these years most of the mutant leadership dies or dissappears.

Year 88: Black brain Hounds created

Year 94: Fourth generation of Sinister chimeras

Year 98: Fall of the mutant nation of Krakoa. Death of the First Horsemen.

Year 100: The mutant colony on Mars collapses. Asteroid K is established.

Year 101: The Mutant exodus to Shi'ar space begins.

Year 104: Mother Akkaba and Apocalypse devise a plan to eliminate Nimrod.

Year 107: Apocalypse is the target of an assassination attempt by a black brain Hound. Moira, aka "Mother Akkaba," is injured and placed in stasis.

Year 113: SalCen Khennil is destroyed and the Hound breeding program ended.

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