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While fighting in the occupied France during World War II, Wolverine's fate became entangled with the magician Sylvie D'Arqueness after the two of them had saved the world from the demon known as the Truth.[1] The demon would return every ten years and Logan and Sylvie would go on to meet once every decade to banish the demon once more. In 1962 the two spend a night together and Sylvie became pregnant with Logan's child.[2] Their next battle against the Truth proved tragic, as the demon had managed to kill Sylvie and drag her into Hell.[3] Logan would go on to meet Reine du Rien briefly in 1995 and discover that she was his daughter.[4] However, their paths would not cross again until 2008, when after banishing the Truth to Hell once again, Logan and his daughter had followed it there. They discovered Reine's mother Sylvie in Hell and with her daughter's help the magician managed to open a time door back to the night when she and Logan had first met. The Truth had followed them there and became locked in combat with its own past self. The magicians then performed a ritual that sealed both Truths away, with Logan and Sylvie watching over them eternally and allowing their past selves to live their lives without the curse.[1]


  • This reality does not appear to operate on the Sliding Timescale, with the X-Men being active since at least the 1980 and large disasters of each post-World War II decade playing a key role in the narrative.

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