This timeline diverged from Earth-199999 around 2018, when Gertrude Yorkes was killed by Morgan le Fay.[1]

Burdened by knowledge that she was unable to use her full power to save Gertrude Yorkes, as well her father and sister, Nico Minoru had left on a journey to study magic without telling anyone, including Karolina Dean with whom she was in a relationship.[1]

Over the time Runaways had moved on with their lives. Alex started a company called Wilder Innovators , with his father now working for him. Karolina went to UCLA where she started a new relationship with Julie, the two of them eventually working together. Only Molly and Chase remained living in the Hostel, with Molly looking after the Old Lace and Chase secluding himself in his room, where he worked on Time Travel so that he could save Gert in the past.[1]

On the third anniversary of Gert's death, this timeline experience another divergence with the arrival from the future 2028 of Alex who wanted to kill his former friends and Chase who wanted to stop him. After Nico got the group, including the present Alex together, they confronted the older Alex, but he managed to escape even further in time, to the day before they knew of their parents' human sacrifices. Leaving the present Chase behind, the team followed future Alex into the past, where their actions resulted in the timeline being changed and the versions of themselves this reality being erased from existence.[1]

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