A reality created by D'Spayre in order to strip Dagger of all hope and strengthen himself with her despair. It manifested as a record which he played in his personal record store within the Darkforce Dimension.

In this reality, Nathan Bowen and Billy Johnson did not die on the night of the Roxxon Oil Rig explosion. Both Nathan and Tandy Bowen escaped their submerged car, though Tandy couldn't swim to shore by herself. Above on the docks, Officer Connors had cornered Billy and Tyrone Johnson for the theft of a car radio. Tyrone dove into the water upon seeing Tandy and saved her life, with both children receiving powers in the process. Connors let Billy and Tyrone go, which Tyrone always attributed to his attempt to save Tandy.

The next morning, Billy and Nathan found the two children sleeping next to each other on the beach. The aftermath of the crash resulted in Nathan ceasing his physically abusive behavior towards his wife, who subsequently quit abusing prescription drugs. It also resulted in Tyrone's desire to become a police officer, and Connors taking him under his wing.

Growing up as best friends, Tandy would later move to New York and join the New York City Ballet as a Prima Ballerina, while Tyrone would join the New Orleans Police Department and begin a relationship with Evita Fusilier. Tyrone would also fly out to New York to see Tandy's first two shows.

Tandy returned home to celebrate Tyrone's graduation from the police academy, where she overheard Mrs. Johnson congratulate Billy and Duane Porter on their recent promotions at the District Attorney's office, as well as Auntie Chantelle giving Tyrone a protection charm. After a tense moment where she believed her father was about to strike her mother, Tandy left the party, though Tyrone was not far behind as he had to get ice for the party.

Arriving at a convenience store, Tandy was accosted by a patron who disparaged Tyrone for being black. The store clerk also disparaged Tyrone, and pulled out a handgun upon seeing Tyrone's weapon. Tyrone, who was wearing a hoodie after Evita spilled some champagne on his uniform, attempted to identify himself as a police officer. Realizing Tandy still had his badge from earlier, Tyrone tried to defuse the situation, though Tandy accidentally startled the clerk and the gun went off.

Tandy reached for Tyrone to get him out of the way and their previously dormant powers manifested for the first time in a concussive blast, knocking out both the patron and the clerk and leaving Tyrone and Tandy confused.

Having become separated from Tyrone, Tandy returned to the party wearing strange clothing. Evita asked her how much she'd had to drink, while Melissa asked her to calm down before she ruined Tyrone's big day. Nathan then grabbed Tandy and berated her in front of the others.

  • Despite being important people in Tandy's life at the time, Mina Hess and Brigid O'Reilly did not appear in Tandy's vision of a perfect life.
  • When Andre placed this record on the record player, the track list showed that Tandy had been prom queen in high school, had lived in a studio apartment in SoHo at some point, and had taken a tour of Europe.

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