A reality created by D'Spayre in order to strip Dagger of all hope and strengthen himself with her despair. It manifested as a record which he played in his personal record store within the Darkforce Dimension.

In this reality, the Roxxon Oil Rig never exploded, and thus Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson never met, nor did Nathan Bowen or William Johnson perish in the incident. Additionally, Tandy's mother and father divorced, with Tandy choosing to live with her mother and her father moving to Silicon Valley. Tandy graduated early and at the top of her class, and was hired by Roxxon as an engineer due to Melissa asking old contacts of Nathan's for a job opportunity for Tandy.

Having received strange reports from the oil rig, Peter Scarborough sent Tandy to check in on the investigation, as no one else was willing to put up with the rig's supervisor. When arriving on the rig, Tandy met both Tyrone and Billy, both workers on the rig, before being antagonized by Dr. Hess. Tandy managed to convince Tyrone to take her deeper into the rig in order to check on pressure analytics, and the two discovered that the heat and pressure were spiking.

Being confronted again by Dr. Hess, Tandy explained that the Oil Rig was going to go into meltdown and explode, closely followed by the rig going into meltdown, causing Tyrone and Tandy to hold onto each other for support, activating their powers and knocking Dr. Hess away. Both Tandy and Tyrone got to their feet and tried to help Dr. Hess, who was pinned under some debris, and Tandy manifested her light dagger for the first time.

Having been separated from Tyrone, Tandy came across Dr. Hess who was looking for her so they could escape the rig, though she continued to berate Tandy and blamed her for the meltdown before Tandy ran away.

  • This world's version of Tandy kept having hallucinations of D'Spayre due to Tandy of Earth-199999 being trapped here.

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