A reality created by D'Spayre in order to strip Dagger of all hope and strengthen himself with her despair. It manifested as a record which he played in his personal record store within the Darkforce Dimension.

In this reality, Roxxon Gulf had moved from New Orleans, Louisiana to Pensacola, Florida twenty years ago and Tandy Bowen had become addicted to drugs and resorted to conning people on the street in order to rob them. One particular day, she came across Liam Walsh and his girlfriend Mikayla Bell on their way to dinner.

Pretending to be taking signatures in order to prevent the dying out of shore birds due to Roxxon's interference, Tandy flirted with Liam in order to get close enough to steal his wallet.

After being discovered and chased by Liam and the police, Tandy ran into a side street and came across Tyrone Johnson stealing a car. She told him to drive otherwise she would scream to get the police officer's attention, if she didn't choose to stab him with her switchblade instead.

Tyrone noticed that Tandy picked at her arm and told her how his brother went into prison a stereo thief and came out a drug addict, and how he would pick at his arm as well. Tyrone also noted that his brother had passed away due to his addiction.

At that moment, Tandy Bowen began breaking through causing Tandy to freak out, though Tyrone managed to calm her down. Tandy once again became agitated once she realized she knew Mikayla's name, despite neither Mikayla nor Liam mentioning it. Tyrone also pointed out that Tandy knew his name as well, despite him not mentioning it. The police then appeared and began chasing them, though Tyrone managed to lose them.

Thinking they were safe, Tyrone began laughing while Tandy saw D'Spayre standing in the road and grabbed the steering wheel so they wouldn't hit him. She then manifested her light daggers for the first time.

  • This world's version of Tandy didn't trust hospitals or ambulances. This may be because of Earth-199999 Tandy being drugged and restrained inside of an ambulance while experiencing this world.

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