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Quote1.png No matter what I do, people get hurt. People die. But I can stop it now. I have the power. It's time to use it. Quote2.png


The history of this universe seemingly mirrors that of Earth-616 up until the period Peter Parker bonded to the symbiote that later became Venom.

Haunted by chronic nightmares of his failures and feeling his life is in ruins, Spider-Man becomes increasingly short-tempered and brutal in his crime-fighting, influenced by the symbiote masquerading as his black suit. After accidentally hurting Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man attempts to take the symbiote to the Fantastic Four for analysis only for the suit to seemingly malfunction.

Coming across the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man is tempted by the symbiote to kill him but instead removes his mask and terrorizes him before leaving him as a warning to the other super-criminals. After a heart-to-heart with his girlfriend Black Cat, Spider-Man travels to the Baxter Building, where Mister Fantastic and Human Torch are alarmed by the change in his personality. While Spider-Man sleeps and has a nightmare where the symbiote urges him to accept that he can't protect the ones he cares about without hurting those who get in his way, Mister Fantastic scans the black suit and determines it is an alien symbiote. Briefly surprised, Spider-Man accepts this and welcomes his bond to the creature, rebuking Mister Fantastic for wanting to imprison and experiment on it.

Deciding to make amends with his Aunt May, who he'd been estranged from after dropping out of university, Peter stops by her house - unaware that the Hobgoblin had followed him. The Hobgoblin - now aware of Spider-Man's civilian identity - attacks and burns down May's house with her inside, the symbiote's fear of fire preventing Peter from rescuing her. Directing his grief and rage towards the Hobgoblin, Spider-Man transforms into a monstrous form and kills the supervillain, vowing to use his power to crush his enemies before they can hurt any more of his loved ones.[1]



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