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Quote1.png So, yes, as contrary to our true nature as you no doubt find it... I use my appetite as a weapon to defend this beautiful little world against alien biopollution. Quote2.png


Earth-TRN855 seemingly had a similar history as Earth-616. Following the Great Crunch, the universe became an infinitely expanding reality. The only survivor of the former universe became the world devourer Galactus. On Earth, an event known as the "Cambrian Explosion" was the result of an alien infestation. Later, Celestials traveled to Earth and experimented on protohumans, resulting in the Mutant Genes.[1] Meanwhile, the ancient Kree Empire implanted Thermophile Litometallovores into Earth's outer core.[2] Galactus ended up attacking Earth five times, with his first attempt being thwarted by the Fantastic Four.[1] Galan eventually had a daughter named Gali. Despising her father, she took on the name Galacta and became Earth's protector.[2]


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