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Quote1.png There were a bunch of continuity errors and plot holes, mom, but I fought the Sinister Sixty. Quote2.png


Reality diverged from the Prime Marvel Universe when Nathan gained powers similar to those of Spider-Man and became his partner under the codename "Spider-Bite." After Doctor Octopus stole "the heart of the city," Spider-Man chased him down to the Manhattan Bridge, only to be trapped under a support beam. Spider-Bite arrived and helped free him, but Octavius escaped on the subway. The duo followed him to Grand Central Station, where they were ambushed by the Sinister Sixty. Spider-Bite and Spider-Man defeated most of the team, with their leader, Stilt-Man, escaping with the box. They tied up his legs with webbing and retrieved the box. Spider-Bite then revealed that the box contained a Spider-Man action figure, symbolizing that New York City can't do without him.[1]


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