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Quote1.png Wait? Spider-Roommate? I know what you're thinking. Spider-Man and Venom... living together?! Trust me, it's temporary. Quote2.png


Spider-Man & Venom

Venom had convinced his longtime nemesis Spider-Man to let him move in with him. Unfortunately for Spidey, Venom had stolen a mind-swapping device from Green Goblin and transferred his consciousnesses into Spidey's body and vice versa. As Eddie exploited his powers to win an athletic competition and sponsor a men's body deodorant spray, Peter was hunted by a vindictive Green Goblin. Peter was eventually able to knock out Norman and steal his Goblin Glider. He tracked down Venom, but lost control of the glider and ended up crashing into him and his equipment.

This resulted in an explosion, with Peter's mind being transferred into a squirrel while Eddie was moved to a cat. As their bodies escaped, the pair were captured by Doctor Octopus. Using his squirrel powers, Peter was able to summon an army of squirrels, overwhelming Doc Ock and knocking over their cages. They then went to Ghost-Spider for help to get their bodies back. Gwen tracked Peter's phone to Brooklyn and Spidey was able wrangle Venom and Spider-Man. Gwen returned Peter to normal, but they only agreed to return Venom should he start being a good roommate. While he agreed, Eddie had actually tricked Peter once again.[1]

Thor & Loki

Loki tricked his brother, Thor, into breaking into father's vault and stealing the Lur of Luramena. After returning to Loki, Loki sounded the horn, summoning Mildred. Thor and Loki's attempts to directly oppose her failed, Thor decided to blow the Lur of Luramena again. He summoned Mildred's mother, who yelled at her daughter and carried her home. Odin found his sons and ordered them to clean up the wreckage. As they cleaned, Loki revealed he had stolen a magic orb, which seemingly had the power to put the rubble back together. As he attempted to unleash the full power of the orb, he accidentally opened a portal, which Thor and Loki fell into. The duo fell into another reality. The alternate Loki obtained the orb and eventually opened a portal back to Earth-TRN874. Returning home, Loki apologized for being annoying and stubborn, but started trying to convince Thor of another scheme anyway.[1]


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