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Earth-TRN875 was home to Jane Foster, who served as Thor, and Loki, the goddess of mischief.

A portal to Earth-TRN874 opened in Jotunheim, which Thor Odinson and Loki Laufeyson fell through. As Laufeyson revealed he had lost the orb that opened the portal, a group of Mountain Giants surrounded the brothers. Thor came to their rescue and, after a brief scuffle with Odinson where she beat him at arm wrestling, the trio set out to find the missing orb. Meanwhile, the orb had rolled into the clutches of Loki.[1]

Odinson, Laufeyson, and Thor looked for the orb in the nest of Fjalara, a giant bird that liked shiny items. When the bird returned, Laufeyson tried to distract her, and Jane realized the bird was actually her Loki. Exposed, the goddess of mischief revealed she had the orb. The two Lokis fought for the orb while the Thors bonded through apples. Eventually, Laufeyson gave up fighting, deciding to try and trick his counterpart. Laufeyson got Loki to turn the orb clockwise, and the Midgard Serpent emerged. Odinson and Laufeyson hitched a ride while turning the orb counterclockwise. After they left, Jane and Loki started bickering as usual.[2]


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