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In this reality, when the Kree invasion occurred, Hawkeye was retired and much of the planet's environment was destroyed leaving the Earth as a Wasteland with most of humanity killed as well. However through an intervention of another alternate future self of hers, Monica Rappaccini was able to finish the construction of Project Omega, unlike the counterpart met by her previously. Now with a Cosmic Cube, Monica, in a presumably final battle with the Kree, used the Cube to create a time bubble in which what was left of humanity was able to live in the Wastelands but the rest of the world, including Nick Fury, Maria Hill, most of A.I.M. and S.H.I.E.L.D. along with the Kree were frozen in time.

Following the invasion and defeat of humanity, Bruce Banner went insane and named himself "Maestro", conquering the land inside of the temporal bubble. To keep his rule he also hired others like Taskmaster. A resistance formed as well, led by the now unretired Hawkeye who spent years searching for Fury but had never traveled beyond the storm, the area outside the bubble which was unknown to the people.

After discovering a Roy bot containing a message from Fury telling Clint to contact the Avengers of the past, he eventually was able to do so and open the Time Bridge of the Ant Hill to let the Avengers through. The group eventually traveled to S.H.I.E.L.D. Substation 99, the location future Hawkeye suspected Fury was and battled Maestro. Upon defeating him they discovered the time bubble and old Clint told his counterpart that he could still save his timeline.

Later during a battle with Monica of the past, in the past timeline, some disturbances occurred in this reality as well. This caused future Clint to occupy a similar space with his younger counterpart and Monica. During this fight old Clint seemingly sacrificed himself defeating Monica and leaving the Cube behind. What remains of this timeline or if it still exists as a result of past Monica's defeat remains unknown.[1]



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