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Iron Man blasted into an A.I.M. weaponry laboratory, knocking out A.I.M. agents. He flew through the facility, defeating more A.I.M. troops. He noticed that A.I.M. was mass-producing a series of giant mechas and tried to gather data on them. Reaching A.I.M.'s main control system, Stark accessed it and discoveed that they're building armor based on his designs. He headed to the assembly hangar, and encountered M.O.D.O.K. and two A.I.M. Vanguards based on his technology. Stark defeated them and cornered M.O.D.O.K., revealing that he had purged all of his data from A.I.M.'s systems. A sudden energy spike distraced Iron Man, giving M.O.D.O.K. the chance to escape. The Iron Man of New Stark City arrived from a portal and warned his counterpart of a multiversal threat. The two Iron Men flew into the portal to Primary Earth.

In another reality, Captain Marvel was fighting a horde of Outriders on a planet in space. A portal appeared behind Carol and swallowed her. She woke up in the Interdimensional Teleportation Hangar of an A.I.M. base and fought her way through her captors until she found a person inside one of many prison tubes. After freeing the prisoner, Carol decided to investigate A.I.M.'s research. Continuing through fighting enemy forces, Carol spotted a device flowing with massive amounts of energy on her way to A.I.M.'s control room. Looking into A.I.M.'s research, Carol discovered that she was standing on the Earth of a different dimension than her own. On her way to a testing facility, Captain Marvel took down more of A.I.M.'S forces, freeing another prisoner and destroying an A.I.M. Destroyer mecha. Inside the testing facility, Carol found a dimensional gateway, and as she investigated it, the room was shut closed. This world's Scientist Supreme, Monica Rappaccini, approached Carol, explaining that her abduction tested the way she has found to lock onto cosmic energy sources and bring them to her dimension. After defeating Rappaccini, Carol prepared to destroy A.I.M.'s dimensional gateway, but the Captain Marvel of New Stark City emerged out of another portal and stopped her. She warned her counterpart about a bigger threat than A.I.M., and the two Captains Marvel headed into the portal to Primary Earth.

M.O.D.O.K. continued to experiment with the Interdimensional gateway, seeking a solution to the problem that led to countless dimensions vanishing without a trace. Monica questioned whether A.I.M. was playing with forces beyon their control, but M.O.D.O.K. brushed her concerns aside and ordered the gateway to be opened again. Meanwhile, the Omega Flight on Primary Earth received an alert about this Earth's A.I.M. tampering with interdimensional travel and Tony Stark dispatched a version of himself and Captain Marvel from Squad 47, as well as one other agent to investigate. The three quickly defeated several A.I.M. agents before noticing a large energy spike. They proceeded to interrogate one of the A.I.M. technicians present at the scene, who insisted that A.I.M was saving the world through science. The interdimensional portal opened by A.I.M. became overloading and the A.I.M technicians were unable to close it, panicking about energy readings indicating that something was coming through the portal. After they fled in terror, Squad 47 Iron Man jumped in to close the portal himself, but it was too late and a version of Thanos from another reality emerged through.

Thanos berated A.I.M. for their foolishness in tampering with dimensional travel and announced his intent to conquer this world new to him. Iron Man and Captain Marvel battled Thanos until he stopped and noticed something unusual about this reality, which was due to the effects of the Convergence. Intrigued, Thanos let the others live while he teleported away to discover the secret of this new world. Iron Man and Captain Marvel then went to confront M.O.D.O.K., who was furious at the Omega Flight for interrupting his experiment which he claimed was meant to save the Universe from a threat even bigger than the Convergence or Thanos. After defeating M.O.D.O.K., Iron Man and Captain Marvel returned to Omega Squad Headquarters.[1]


  • Courtney Fraser explicitly refers to the A.I.M. base as being on an "alternate Earth" from the Primary Earth of the Omega Flight. The layout of that base matches exactly the one seen in "Enter: The Genius" and "Enter: The Ace" of "Chapter 1: Assemble", suggesting that playable version of Iron Man is also native to this reality, while Captain Marvel arrives to this reality from her native one before proceeding to the Primary Earth. This is further supported by the presense of both M.O.D.O.K. and Scientist Supreme in those respective missions.
  • Although it is certain that not all the playable heroes in Marvel Future Revolution hail from the same reality, the route "Enter: The Goddess" of "Chapter 1: Assemble" proves that at the very least Doctor Strange and Storm do. Both missions take place during a breakout in the Raft, and in "Enter: The Goddess," Storm notices a magic barrier keeping the prison sealed. This magic barrier is erected by Doctor Strange in the route "Enter: The Doctor." After defeating Storm, Magneto notices that Baron Mordo, the villain that Strange confronts, has failed on his end, establishing that they were accomplices. Because both A.I.M. and Raft routes feature no major distinctions from a "standard" version of Earth, this article treats them as taking place within the same reality unless further information comes along.

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