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Due to a cosmic phenomenon known as the Convergence, this reality's Earth was set on a collision course with multiple Earths who crossed over from their respective realities. Omega Flight investigated the Convergence but was unable to stop it. With little time before the world crashed with the first colliding Earth, the Vision sacrificed himself to use his density-altering abilities in tandem with the Convergence Engines, bringing the colliding worlds together more harmoniously. The result of this process caused the creation of the Primary Earth, a patchwork world composed of the regions corresponding to each collided Earth. The local Earth's region became New Stark City, and the other four were Xandearth, Midgardia, the Hydra Empire and Sakaar. Although New Stark City struck friendly relations with the first two, the latter regions posed a looming threat.

Building the Vision Core in New Stark City, Omega Flight managed to boost the unique frequencies emitted from the Vision's body to keep a harmonic balance between the merged worlds and prevent more Earths from converging. However, the Convergence was still a threat to other realities, and could eventually affect the Primary Earth. In order to keep investigating the Convergence and keep the world safe, Omega Flight recruited different heroes from other realities.[1]


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