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Quote1.png Who says a postapocalyptic world has to be a bad thing? Forget your barren wastelands, your fashion dominated by leather and skulls and the all-too-common problem of roving cannibals. After the fall of civilization... came something better. Quote2.png


The history of Earth-TRN891 is presumably similar to Earth-616.

Ten billions years ago, a powerful machine called the Unmaker was created to stop entropy in the universe by destroying black holes. However, attacking black holes caused the Unmaker to be corrupted and began attacking whole galaxies. This came to the attention of the Living Tribunal who stopped the Unmaker. Too powerful to be simply eliminated, the Living Tribunal deactivated the Unmaker and sealed it into the core of the newly developed Earth.

During the modern era, the Unmaker awakened and began attempting to break out of the Earth, threatening to destroy the entire planet in the process. After the Watcher told Earth's heroes of the Unmaker, they came up with a plan to stop the Unmaker. Vision, Scarlet Witch, the Thing, Invisible Woman, and Doctor Strange were chosen to go to Earth's core to stop the Unmaker while the other heroes did their best to mitigate the damage the Unmaker was doing to the surface. The Unmaker easily kill Thing and Scarlet Witch. After witnessing Scarlet Witch's death, Vision angrily phased through Unmaker's head, bying the heroes a few extra seconds. Strange was able to finally stop the Unmaker by opening a portal to another dimension that released an EMP that put an end to it. However, Unmaker fatally injured Strange. Before dying, Strange saved Invisible Woman by sending her back to the surface. Because he died, Strange didn't close the portal he opened, unintentionally unleashing an EMP that wiped out every electronic device on Earth.[1]

The EMP along with the destruction the Unmaker inflicted upon the surface caused various wars to break out for different reasons, including ideology, resources, and borders. All these situations lead to the deaths of billions. To stop the fighting, various heroes interceded and asked those who were fighting to find a better way to settle things. Eventually, society began rebuilding itself over the next 7 years. People fled the most inhospitable places and lived in communities. Various geniuses gathered together in Wakanda to develop new innovations to create a post-apocalyptic utopia. A network of telepaths helped the places of the world connect and communicate with one another. When electronic lighting wiped out, werewolves and vampires attacked frequently. So, weblines were used to alert people when they attacked, allowing defenders to take care of them.

The only place not free was Europe, which was taken over by the villainous mutant Apocalypse. Apocalypse had sensed the power of the Unmaker and wanted to reawaken it for his own needs. To do this, he enlisted the help from the Purple Man to brainwash the world's greatest geniuses to work for him, including Reed Richards, Riri Williams, and Tony Stark. He also forcibly turned the mutant Magneto into an electromagnet to counter the EMP.[2]

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