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Quote1.png Two weeks earlier, Dr. Hank Pym journeyed into the Quantum Realm, searching for his long-lost wife. But in this universe, Janet Van Dyne contracted a Quantum Virus that corrupted her brain. So when she finally reunited with her husband after thirty long years... Quote2.png
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The history of this reality was similar to Earth-199999 until Janet Van Dyne contracted a virus from the Quantum Realm, when Hank Pym went to the Quantum Realm to save his wife. She infected him and both returned to the regular sized world, spreading the virus throughout the Earth. The Avengers reassembled to try to stave off the advancing zombie horde but were overwhelmed by them and turned undead.[1]


  • There is probably another alternate reality of this universe since Doctor Strange Supreme attracted several zombies along with infected heroes who had already died from this universe. [2]

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