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J Jonah Jameson dreamed he was visited by the "Ghost of Christmas Past", "Ghost of Christmas Present" and "Ghost of Christmas Future". The Ghost of Christmas past was Captain America, who showed Jameson his love for Christmas until the death of his wife, Marla. (All events which presumably happened on the Prime Marvel Universe) The Ghost of Christmas Present appeared and was the Thing, who showed Jameson a typical Fantastic Four Christmas and the Parker residence (events which could have happened on the Prime Marvel Universe, but we have no way of knowing) and the ongoing attack of the docks by the Wrecking Crew and the Absorbing Man who were being confronted by the Avengers (an event which was ongoing on the Prime Marvel Universe, albeit with the inclusion of Spider-Man in the waking world). Peter Parker was sent in as photographer and was about to be crushed by some falling crates when the Ghost took Jameson away. The Ghost of Christmas future was Spider-Man and took Jameson to the aftermath of the battle. The Avengers had been killed, alongside Parker. Without Peter, the Daily Bugle had no good front page photographs, sales plummeted and Jameson was forced to sell it. The rest of New York was faring no better, without the Avengers the super-villains engaged in war against the heroes ultimately making the city superhero free. Spider-Man disappered and wandering an alley, Jameson discovered his son John had become homeless.[1]


  • This reality was a dream experienced by J Jonah Jameson, as such the events shown as the past are presumed to have happened on Earth-616 as well as the dream reality. The events of the present are likely to have happened or a version similar was ongoing. The future is where the major reality divergences occurred.

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