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Earth-TRN807 is a reality that contains elements of Earth-807128 and Earth-21923. In this universe, the supervillains (led by Doctor Doom, Baron Zemo, and the Red Skull) joined forces to kill the superheroes and take over the world. After this event, known as V-Day, the three leaders split up the former United States into three territories, which each took for their own.[1][2]

Around thirty years later, Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon arrived on Earth for the first time since V-Day. They teamed up with Emma Frost to overthrow Doom. The revolution succeeded, but unbeknownst to them, the Doom they overthrew was an imposter. The real Doom was rescued by Cora, a Rigellian Recorder, who offerred Doom an alliance pending an upcoming Rigellian invasion.[3]

At around the same time, Hawkeye planned to kill Zemo. However, when he confronted Zemo, he found that the real Zemo had died of cancer years prior and Zemo's son, Herman Zemo was being forced to impersonate him for appearances. Herman secretly abdicated, and Clint's daughter, Ash Morse, decided to fill the position in order to improve conditions for the citizens of the kingdom.[4]



  • The reality where Marvel's Wastelanders podcast dramas (produced jointly with SiriusXM) take place.


  • This reality was originally billed with the "Old Man" prefix as part of its titles, loosely linking it to the comic book universes Earth-807128 and Earth-21923.[5]

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