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  • El Sorprendente Hombre Araña (The Amazing Spider-Man) was a comic series originally published in Mexico. Initially it featured only reprints of mostly Amazing Spider-Man, interspersed with Ant-Man stories from Tales to Astonish and Avengers[1] However, after moving to bi-weekly, the publishers realized they would soon catch up to the current release schedule at Marvel. Not wanting to go without any Spider-Man comics, the director of La Prensa publishing house visited Marvel in New York, and obtained Marvel's permission to license their own stories. La Prensa selected José Luis Durán to draw nearly all issues. In total 45 original issues were created.[2]

Because these stories came outside from Marvel, their place in the Prime Marvel Universe is uncertain, especially in the absence of reading them all. With Gwen Stacy's death occurring not too long after these began (and in fact the last reprint was Amazing Spider-Man #120 in El Sorprendente Hombre Araña #175) these could be, and are often mentioned in other sources as, a continuity where Gwen Stacy never died. However, the accuracy of this claim is uncertain. They could all occur prior to her death, this proposition remains uncertain until further issues are available.

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