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This reality's history was similar to that of Earth-TRN886. In it, Hydra managed to take over the entire country of United States and turn it into "Hydramerica". At some point they made contact with the alternate Hydra from Earth-TRN886, who had established a similar regime called the "Hydra Empire" and shared with this world's Hydra the schematics for a weapon called the Blitzkanone which they stole from Xandearth. Much like the Hydra Empire, this Hydra got their version of Oscorp to manufacture the weapon from the schematics.

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Spider-Man contemplated Hydramerica from a rooftop when his spider-sense alerted him of an Oscorp convoy speeding through the streets. Defeating Hydra forces, Spider-Man followed the truck until he was intercepted by the Green Goblin, who was also on its pursuit of what Hydra had stolen. Goblin prioritized defeating Spider-Man, but the Web-Slinger drove him off. Spider-Man continued his pursuing, defeating Oscorp guards in the process. At the front of a Hydra building the Green Goblin attempted again to kill Spider-Man, but during the fight he was taken over by a symbiote, becoming the Red Goblin. After a battle, the symbiote began to reject Osborn, prompting him to flee. As Spider-Man lamented that he had lost the truck, the Spider-Man of New Stark City emerged from a portal and approached him. He invited his counterpart to join him, and the two Spider-Men headed into the portal to Primary Earth.

Meanwhile, the Oscorp convoy moved into a fortified Hydra Logistics Base. Captain America dropped in, took down Hydra sentries and fought his way deeper into the base. Reaching the harbor's entrance, Rogers was surrounded by more soldiers, but defeated them. Hydra unloaded the Blitzkanone out of the Oscorp truck and loaded it into a ship. Rushing toward the cargo, Captain America defeated more soldiers and destroyed a Hydra Dreadnought. Reaching the ship's deck, Rogers encountered a group of Hydra soldiers guarding a captured Winter Soldier. After defeating the Hydra troops but before he coul free Bucky, Captain America was confronted by the Red Skull. Rogers knocked down the Red Skull, but the villain taunted him as Blitzkanone activated and fired at the Winter Soldier. Captain America got in the way of the blasts and blocked it with his shield, diverting it to a Red Skull statue and decapitating it. Steve freed Bucky, but the Red Skull hasd escaped while he was distracted. A portal opened behind the two heroes, and the Captain America of New Stark City arrived from the other side of it. He invited his counterpart to join him, and the two Captains Americas headed into the portal to Primary Earth.

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On Primary Earth, the Omega Flight discovered that the Blitzkanone could potentially be used against a version of Thanos who threatened their world. However, by this point Hydra Empire's copy of the Blitzkanone had already been destroyed and they needed an alternative. Discovering that the plans were shared with Hydramerica's Hydra, the Omega Flight send an operative there, who discovered the Blitzkanone guarded by Hydra soldiers led by Crossbones. He fought them, but was defeated and forced to retreat, allowing the Omega Flight to take the Blitzkanone for their purposes.[1]


  • The online promotional materials use the terms "Hydra Empire" and "Hydramerica" somewhat interchangeably, and the two share the same assest within the game. The main storyline however makes it clear that Hydramerica is located on an alternate Earth from the Primary Earth that now contains the Hydra Empire region and that the two Hydras have even been in contact with one another.
  • As shown in the introductory "Chapter 1: Assemble", the player-controlled versions of Captain America and Spider-Man originate from this reality.

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