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This history of Earth-TRN947 presumably mirrors that of Earth-616 up to the moment when Galactus first arrived on Earth. Instead of intervening, the Watcher chose to not to. Despite the lack of the Watcher's intervention, the Fantastic Four still encountered first the Silver Surfer and then his master, Galactus. While the Thing, the Human Torch and the Invisible Girl kept Galactus, the Silver Surfer and the Punisher robot busy battling them, Mister Fantastic inspected Galactus' technology as it integrated itself into the Baxter Building's inner workings. Although all of them suffered disfigurements from their actions, they gave Richards enough time to use that tech to create zero energy that powered the Ultimate Nullification Ray which he used to kill Galactus and save Earth. Although the planet had suffered unspeakable devastation during the brief time that the Elemental Converter had been active, Reed Richards was able to use the Zero Energy that he had discovered to turn all of human civilization into a paradise in just a year. The Watcher of Earth-616 was forced to view this reality by his fellow Watchers as punishment for his constant meddling in Earth's affairs.[1]

However, this punishment was based on a lie as the 616 Uatu discovered after his agent, the Nick Fury from Earth-616, stopped the looped recording. Once able to watch what had actually happened on this world after the end of the recording, Uatu saw that, only seconds after what he had been shown, the generator that Richards had built began to malfunction as the Zero Energy built up too fast. Before anything could be done, the Zero Energy exploded out of its containment and destroyed New York City. Then, with nothing to stop it, the Zero Energy continued unchecked and destroyed the Earth before spreading out across the entire universe, unmaking it all. Upon seeing this, Uatu realized that his interference had actually saved them all.[2]


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