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Ebbets Field was a baseball stadium near Flatbush Avenue, in the Crown Heights neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough in New York City.[1] It was the home of Brooklyn Dodgers baseball, until they moved to Los Angeles.

Steve Rogers was born and raised in Brooklyn was a huge Dodgers fan. He would visit Ebbets Field when ever he could afford too.

In 1945, Cap travelled back in time from the future to the end of World War II. His first stop was to Ebbets Field to see is beloved Dodgers.[2]

Ebbets Field from Captain America Sentinel of Liberty Vol 1 5 001.jpg

When Captain America was first revived in the modern age Iron Man took him back home to Brooklyn. He also took him to the site of his beloved Ebbets Field, now an apartments block; however has a plaque honoring the Dodgers.[3]


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