Quote1.png Innocent? You can't be that stupid, boy. Every one of these scum is a threat to Earth. It's your job to stop them before they get there. You stayed. Learned at my feet. No one forced you to. You wanted this. Well, the wall's all yours now, boy. I'm finally done. Quote2.png


Eben Stafford was part of the Men on The Wall, a group of various people of unknown origin with high technology weapons who protected the Earth from alien threats from the shadows and in complete autonomy for decades.[2] When the Martians invaded London in 1917, they were directly opposed by the superhero team Freedom's Five. Stafford and his men battled the invaders and helped Freedom's Five from the shadows, leaving no trace. Eventually, the invaders were repelled. Freedom's Five leader Union Jack would learn his identity some time later.[1] Eventually, all the Men on The Wall except Stafford fell to the intergalactic slavers the Entari. This caused Stafford to act more proactivately against potential alien threats like traveling to space to deal with them there and worked to remain in the shadows as the last Man on The Wall.

During one of the Entaris trips to Earth for slaves, Stafford found them battling a group of Native Americans and the young Woody McCord, whose family was taken by the Entari. After killing the aliens, he took McCord to work with him in his mountain base for the next years. Eventually, his activities attracted the Entari, just as he hoped, who send two assasins against him. He and McCord manage to kill the assasins and both went to space into a bar. McCord waited in the shadows by using the Entari's cloacking device to support Stafford while he confronted Teraphin Mox for taking about him to the Entari. The Entari commander Dreel taunted him that his search for revenge had brought him to her hands and shot Stafford the stomach. McCord revealed himself and killed the Entari while Stafford killed Dreel. Woody told him it was over but Stafford told him to kill all the aliens there since they have seen them and when McCord told him they was innocent, he insisted that all alien are a threat to Earth before leaving, claiming that he was done and that it was now his job, leaving Woody the charge of the Man on The Wall.[2] What happened to him after this is unknown.

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