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Quote1.png Ah, but Ebony is-- Far, far more-- Than just an alley cat! Quote2.png
Agatha Harkness[src]


Seemingly nothing more than a black housecat, Ebony was actually Agatha Harkness' magical familiar. When necessary, Ebony could assume the shape of a giant wildcat however, once fighting off the Wizard.[1]

Ebony was later killed and consumed by Agatha herself, who had Ebony eat a petal of the Wundagore Everbloom in order to fulfil the requirements to see the future through its petals.[2]


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  • Transformation: Ebony possessed the ability to transform into a wildcat.[1] While in this form, Ebony gains superhuman condition and healing factor. Her durability massively increases to the point that she is unaffected by gunfire from a pistol.[3] And her claws are sharp enough to shred Mephisto's physical form.[4]
  • Mystical Senses: Ebony has the ability to sense and to be aware of anything that affects her and her surroundings. She has sensed Susan Storm approaching Agatha's home.[1]

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