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In the days of Camelot, Merlin tasked his ward Sir Percival with fashioning the Starstone to create the mythical Ebony relics: a sword, a shield, a staff, and a chalice, then offered their forger the choice of picking one for himself.[1] The Squire selected the sword in his desire to become a knight, so Merlin cast spells upon the blade while disposing of the other meteor-crafted artifacts back into the Pool of Blood in which they were cooled.[2]

Present Day

In a bid to rebuild Camelot in his own image, Mordred Pendragon seeked out the other Ebony relics alongside the male heirs of his father King Arthur, all so he could slay them and use his kinsmens' blood to refuel the Pool for his ultimate plan to reforge them into something greater.[3] He secured the Shield and the Dagger, reforged from the Staff by his own hand, which was already in his possession. But the unscrupulous successor was dismayed to find that the Ebony Chalice was nowhere to be found as the blood river had washed it away to parts unknown over the course of three millenia.[4]


The shield can turn away any blow directed towards it, giving its user maximum defense in the inverse way that its edged counterpart can split any obstruction.[5] It is enchanted with the gift of indestructiblity like its maker's other creations to mend and restore those of Arthurian bloodline, but the protection it boasts comes with a price to be paid, as do all things when it comes to magic.

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