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The Eclector was the flagship of Yondu Udonta's Ravagers. The ship was large enough to hold several M-Ship Class vessels.[1]

Under the command of Yondu, the Eclector abducted Peter Quill from Earth, tracked Quill to Knowhere where the Ravagers rescued Quill and Gamora from the void of space, fought the Dark Aster above Xandar, and hunted the Guardians of the Galaxy down on Berhert for a bounty.[1][2]

After Taserface led a mutiny against Yondu and took over the ship, Yondu and Rocket were imprisoned until they freed by Kraglin Obfonteri and Baby Groot. Once freed, Yondu murdered the mutineers and detached the main hull while destroying the remainder of the ship. The remains of the Eclector then traveled to Ego's planet to rescue the Guardians. Following the defeat of Ego and the death of Yondu and with the destruction of the Milano, the Guardians appear to be using the last of the Eclector as their primary base of operation.[2]

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