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Eco Corporation
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Eco Patrol,[1] Eco,[1] Eco Central,[1] Eco Police[2]


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Formerly Ravage

Alchemax Corporation's anti-pollution subsidiary

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Eco Corporation, better known as Eco Central,[1] was a private anti-pollution police force owned by Alchemax, whose Director-General, Anderthorp Henton,[1] an high-ranking executive officer at Alchemax's Board of Directors,[3] was Eco Central's Chief Executive Officer.[3][4]

To better hide Alchemax's illegal and environmentally-unfriendly activities, Henton had appointed Pollution Wars renowned hero Paul-Philip Ravage as Eco's Commander and public face. After Ravage had discovered that Eco was just a cover for Alchemax's illegal affairs, Henton publicly marked him as a traitor, turning him into an outlaw.[1]

Due to his failure in handling the Ravage situation, Alchemax's Chief Executive Officer, Avatarr, had Henton killed by an hired sniper at an Alchemax Board Meeting, then replacing him as Eco Central's C.E.O. with his fellow Alchemax Director Darryl King,[3] previously Vice President of Public Eye Unlimited.[5]

When Victor von Doom became President of the United States by right of revolution, he ordered the closure of every private or public police force to create his personal SHIELD, including the Public Eye and the Watchdogs,[6] Eco Corporation has possibly been shut down as well.[7]

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