Ed Delaney was a small time crook who operated in the 1940s. Hanging out in pool halls, he befriended Joe Dix and enticed him with promises of making enough money to buy himself a car. A shady character, his reputation and criminal career was halted the day Joe's brother Corporal Jeff Dix returned home from duty to visit his family. Catching Delaney on his mother's property, Jeff tossed the man out and soon learned how his brother was caught up with him.

Delaney soon convinced Joe to assist in robbing the box office receipts of a USO dance from the night before. Followed by Jeff, Delaney attempted to fight the corporal while in the middle of the robbery. Joe, finally realizing the measure of Delaney's character, turned on his former friend and helped Jeff stop the robbery and turned Delaney over to the authorities.[1]

His subsequent activities are unknown

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